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What is Convincely?

7 steps to get started

From Day 1 to Day 30, here's how we plan, integrate, and launch your new customer experiences

Day 1

We set up a time to meet - either in person or over video chat. During your workshop, we work with your marketing, sales, and support team to get to know your brand and your customers. We find out what's working, where your challenges are, and the best opportunities for improvement. Then we set some realistic traffic, sales, and conversion goals together that fit with your overall strategic vision for your brand.

We take a look at your existing platforms to see what we'll need to put in place so you can achieve your goals.

If we believe we're a good fit for what you need, we'll put together a solution proposal. This is a statement of work that outlines what we'll both do, our roles, and both our obligations going forward. This proposal will include all our terms, including no lock-in contract no hidden fees, and a performance guarantee so you can be confident you'll get the value and results you're looking for.

We're officially a part of your team now! That means it's time for us to set up our KPIs and create a clear strategy that'll help us achieve them. We confirm our initial MVPs for launch, create a backlog of tasks, and decide on the top priorities to work on first, so you should see some big improvements right away.

We wireframe and prototype MVP landing pages and adaptive questionnaire(s). We write the copy and custom design these to fit with your branding. Then we develop these on our staging server, testing for different devices, screen sizes, and browsers to ensure they're responsive and compatible. Meanwhile, you'll get plenty of opportunities to review the content and designs so you can request amends before they're finalized.

We get to work behind the scenes, integrating your existing marketing stack and platforms into the Convincely platform. This includes your CRM, data analytics software, advertising platforms, marketing software, and more. We check your data, clean it up if needed, and organize it with tags so that all your data is visible in one place. Then we build any infrastructure that might be missing so that you can get the most from the data and our platform.

Once you've checked and approved the initial landing pages and adaptive questionnaire(s), we go live! This happens within 30 days of an approved solution proposal, so you should start seeing results very soon.

Day 30

At this point, the work has only just begun...

Our ongoing optimization framework involves running tests, reviewing the reports and insights, doing weekly reviews with your team, and developing hypothesis to help you get better results. Then we design and develop new versions of your landing pages and adaptive questionnaire(s) before going live. Our platform A/B tests these to improve your conversion rates each month, then cycle through the process again.

Ongoing optimization framework

We continually improve your performance every single month

Data & reports

See rich, integrated data for every stage of the customer journey, from all possible data sources. Real-time data via your dashboard informs your day-to-day decision-making, while our detailed reports and analysis drive each optimization.


Real test data and past experiences help us find opportunities to improve conversions. We develop theories with you before testing them.


The Convincely creative team produces updated designs and engaging copy, generating new and improved experiences for your customers.


We test and optimize each step of your customer journey (from ad to landing page to final sale) using A/B testing to see what works and what doesn't.


Set goals that help you achieve your overall strategic objectives for the business. We run every hypothesis and design by you before we make it live.

Weekly check-in

Your performance manager will report to you each week. They'll fill you in on the current optimizations, results, and next steps.

Your strategic team

Performance Manager

Your performance manager is your single point of contact. They're here to help you set goals and drive the rest of your CRO team to achieve them.

Dedicated Account Director

The account director oversees the team, monitors resources, and ensures KPIs are achieved.

Conversion Copywriter

Your copywriter writes copy and content that fits with your brand, engages your audience, educates them, and helps them take the next step.

UX Researcher

Your UX researcher focuses on gathering insight into what your customers need so they can help design an experience that's enjoyable and intuitive for your audience.

UI Designer

Your UI designer works with the UX researcher to design each page and interactive element to create great user experiences and a beautiful, responsive design.

Digital Strategist

Your digital strategist works closely with your performance manager and the rest of the team to set up SEM strategies and optimize them for better performance.

Data Scientist

Your data scientist integrates your data sources and machine learning tools. They collect, clean, and tag your data so it's ready for analysis.


Your data analyst reads the data to deliver clear insights on what's working and what's not. They suggest tests that could help improve your results.

Get started with Convincely

Get a free consultation with a member of the Convincely team so we can walk you through our platform. We'll let you know if we think we can help you achieve your goals. And we’ll give you some tips to improve your conversion right away.

FAQs about how our platform works

Is Convincely a platform or a service?

Convincely is a platform. But unlike other platforms, we take care of implementation and ongoing optimization to ensure you get the most out of every feature. Your performance manager will analyze your data and recommend the best way to lift your conversions using Convincely on an ongoing basis. They'll relentlessly work with your team of CRO experts until you've achieved your conversion ceiling.

Who will be managing my account?

Your performance manager will be your single point of contact at Convincely. They'll report to you each week and are always happy to have a chat, answer your questions, and even catch up for coffee or lunch.

Will I need to train myself or staff to use Convincely to its full potential?

No. Everything is done for you. All you need to know how to do is read the reports and check the dashboard. Your performance manager will provide you with training and documentation so you feel comfortable with these. And you're always welcome to contact us with your questions about the data, results, optimizations, and anything else you're unsure about.

Do you work remotely or can we work with your team face-to-face?

We can do both! Our head office is based in Melbourne, so if you're local to us or passing through, you're always welcome to stop by for a meeting, or to grab a coffee. But most of the time, we communicate with our clients remotely.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes. We require you to commit to a minimum of 12 months with us. We're confident we can get you some amazing results, but the most impressive results usually come after we've been working together for at least a few months. That's because the more data we can learn from, the more we can optimize your customer journey.

Will I need to hire staff so I can use Convincely to its full potential?

No. When you work with Convincely, our team of experts are dedicated to working for you behind the scenes. Everything is done-for-you. All you need to do is show up to the regular meetings, read the reports (which we'll be happy to explain to you), and approve the hypothesis so we can keep testing and improving your results.

How long does it take to get Convincely fully running?

Once you approve our statement of work, we'll get straight into setting up your minimum viable product and integrating your systems. It'll take us 30 days to get everything up and running, before we switch over to focus on tracking, testing, and optimizing your ads and website experiences.

What will my IT team need to do?

Almost nothing! They'll need to install one line of script on pages where you'd like the Convincely experience to be made available. We take care of the rest.

Got more questions? We're happy to answer them!