How it works
Convincely is a tailored, standalone platform that helps you optimise your customer journey quicker, easier and without changing a thing about your current website.
Customer Engagement Manager
It all starts with one little script, add a single line of text to your website and the Convincely framework is live
Built to sprint
Speed to iterate x10
Time to market in less than 30 days
Data scientist
Digital strategist
UI designer
UX researcher
Adaptive engagement funnels
Dynamic recommendation engine
Customised user journey
Real-time product optimisation AI
Real time insights
Weekly Progress reports
Cloud based web portal
All tracking info available
Data Integration
Integrates with all major marketing and technology stacks
Customer personalisation
Campaign level
Keyword level
Ad level
Iterative optimisation
A / B testing
AI testing
Multivariate testing
Multi-page testing
Audience segmentation
Visitor type:
New, remarketed, frequent
Age, gender, dependents
Country, state, suburb
Income, debt, assets
You've made it this far, let's see how your business can benefit with Convincely.