Frequently Asked Questions

What it does

What is Convincely?

Convincely is a purpose-built conversion rate optimization platform that helps businesses create better digital experiences and improve their sales. We build conversion funnels that sit on top of your existing website with just one line of code. These funnels are highly engaging, educational, personalized, adaptive, and dynamic - delivering more valuable interactions for you and more enjoyable experiences for your customers. Our CRO team looks at every part of your customer journey - from ad to landing page to call and then final sale - to segment your audience, collect valuable data, and continually optimize and personalize your customer experiences.

How is Convincely an "all-in-one" platform?

We're considered "all-in-one" because we include a whole range of integrations and marketing features that deliver a complete conversion rate optimization solution. You don't have to piece together 10 different marketing disciplines, platforms, and skillsets. Instead, you can come to us to deliver the outcome you want.

What do you mean it's "done-for-you"?

Unlike most conversion rate optimization platforms that are purely a SaaS product, Convincely comes with a full implementation and ongoing management. We're your outsourced CRO team. That means your in-house team doesn't need to learn any new software or platforms. 

Why would I use Convincely?

Convincely is the perfect solution for marketing teams who wish to execute a truly agile, data-driven marketing methodology, without relying on internal IT teams. We believe you'll find Convincely an excellent solution if your objectives are to:

- Increase your website conversions
- Grow your leads and make more sales
- Help visitors access and comprehend relevant information
- Help visitors access the right product for them

Convincely is a powerful platform with many use-cases. We're always happy to provide more specific ideas about how Convincely can help you. Just reach out!

What conversion uplift is possible on my website?

This is a difficult question to answer due to the many factors at play. These factors include your industry, your offering, the quality of your traffic, and other context dependent details. Our average uplift on conversion rates across our customer base is 25%, while some of our customers have seen increases of up to 250%.
We’ll provide an initial evaluation and estimate on the increase you can expect. Then we work together to raise the bar even higher.

What plans do you offer?

We offer a single plan that includes all the features listed here.

How secure is it?

Our clients range from health providers to government agencies, and everyone rightfully demands the highest standard of security. We take security seriously; our framework is updated very regularly and our team monitors all services on a 24/7 basis.

What's included in the real-time progress reports?

The real-time reports available through your dashboard can provide insight at many levels. You can gain access to specific interactions at the lead level as well as a holistic view of your business process, from start to finish. This includes data around conversion rates, cost per lead, cost per sale, and average sale value.

What if I only want one or two features?

We offer an all-in-one solution that includes all the features listed here. As CRO specialists, we've designed our framework to get you the best possible results, so we don't offer individual features.

How do I get started?

To get started with Convincely, you'll need to contact us to set up a meeting. We'll chat about your goals and opportunities and demo the platform so you can see how it could work for you. If we think we're a good fit for what you need, we'll propose a solution and provide a quote. As soon as you approve our statement of work, get straight into implementing our platform. See more details on how it works.

Can I integrate Convincely with the applications I already use?

Absolutely. We support all major applications, including Google Sheets, Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, SugarCRM, Optimizely, VWO, SiteCore, Zapier, Segment, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and more. Importantly, we can also develop customer integrations using our API.

Can we use it on multiple domains?

Yes. Convincely can be used across as many domain names as you need, and we can also provide a custom color/font style for a small fee.

Which devices and browsers are supported?

We support all modern browsers across desktop, mobile, and tablets. We conduct comprehensive cross-browser testing across all major devices and screen resolutions so that all of your visitors get the best possible experience. Our team also monitors all new browser releases to test and ensure your funnel continues to work beautifully.

Will this slow down my website?

No. The entire Convincely framework is just 1kB in size! As web developers, we know all too well the value and necessity of a higher performance website. Not only are our scripts asynchronous and custom-configured for your site and region, but Convincely has also been successfully tested and actively runs on many high traffic websites.

How do you protect my clients' data?

We don't store any personally identifiable information on our servers. All the data is passed directly into your preferred CRM/data warehouse.

Do you only work in specific service sectors?

No. We work across all industries, from fashion, healthcare, insurance, and finance to pet sitting and gaming. If you have traffic, we can optimize its value.

How it works

Is Convincely a platform or a service?

Convincely is a platform. But unlike other platforms, we take care of implementation and ongoing optimization to ensure you get the most out of every feature. Your performance manager will analyze your data and recommend the best way to lift your conversions using Convincely on an ongoing basis. They'll relentlessly work with your team of CRO experts until you've achieved your conversion ceiling.

Who will be managing my account?

Your performance manager will be your single point of contact at Convincely. They'll report to you each week and are always happy to have a chat, answer your questions, and even catch up for coffee or lunch.

Will I need to train myself or staff to use Convincely to its full potential?

No. Everything is done for you. All you need to know how to do is read the reports and check the dashboard. Your performance manager will provide you with training and documentation so you feel comfortable with these. And you're always welcome to contact us with your questions about the data, results, optimizations, and anything else you're unsure about.

Do you work remotely or can we work with your team face-to-face?

We can do both! Our head office is based in Melbourne, so if you're local to us or passing through, you're always welcome to stop by for a meeting, or to grab a coffee. But most of the time, we communicate with our clients remotely.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes. We require you to commit to a minimum of 12 months with us. We're confident we can get you some amazing results, but the most impressive results usually come after we've been working together for at least a few months. That's because the more data we can learn from, the more we can optimize your customer journey.

Will I need to hire staff so I can use Convincely to its full potential?

No. When you work with Convincely, our team of experts are dedicated to working for you behind the scenes. Everything is done-for-you. All you need to do is show up to the regular meetings, read the reports (which we'll be happy to explain to you), and approve the hypothesis so we can keep testing and improving your results.

How long does it take to get Convincely fully running?

Once you approve our statement of work, we'll get straight into setting up your minimum viable product and integrating your systems. It'll take us 30 days to get everything up and running, before we switch over to focus on tracking, testing, and optimizing your ads and website experiences.

What will my IT team need to do?

Almost nothing! They'll need to install one line of script on pages where you'd like the Convincely experience to be made available. We take care of the rest.


How much does Convincely cost?

Unlike many other SaaS platforms, we customize our platform and integrations for every customer, which means pricing will vary depending on what you need. So if you'd like us to run some numbers, the first step is to book a free consultation with our team.

By the way, we're probably more affordable than you think, especially when you consider the ROI we can deliver for medium-large enterprises.

Why do you charge an ongoing fee?

We charge an ongoing fee to cover ongoing time spent optimizing your funnel. This is important because your funnel and website aren't set and forget - they're not static like they used to be 10+ years ago. Today, with increased tracking capabilities, massive amounts of capturable data, and ever-wiser competition, both your website and your funnel need to stay dynamic and evolving. 

Through our ongoing service, we ensure your funnel continues to adapt. We use all collected data to continue your funnel's optimization, improving performance and customer experience. The ongoing fee includes the licence to one of the most effective web scripting frameworks available on the market, along with funnel security and maintenance.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes. You'll need to commit to a minimum of 12 months with us. We're confident we can get you some amazing results, but the most impressive results usually come after we've been working together for at least a few months. That's because the more data we have and the more testing we do, the better we can optimize your customer journey.

Do you charge a setup fee, monthly fee, or both?

We charge an upfront fee to get your initial platform, integrations, and MVP up and running. After that, we switch over to an ongoing monthly fee that covers continual testing, monitoring, optimization, and hypothesis backlog. Plus advice when you need it.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We're big believers in transparency, so all your set up and ongoing optimization fees will be clearly outlined in your proposal and quote.

Got more questions? We're happy to answer them!

Get started with Convincely

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