We're data nerds and UX geeks

Convincely was developed by conversion rate optimization experts and data scientists for product and marketing teams worldwide.

Meet the team

About Convincely

Convincely continually improves the whole customer journey - from first point of contact to final sale. Our platform integrates and unifies data across all your marketing and analytics platforms, helping you offer customer experiences that delight and conversions that boost your bottom line, every single month.

Here at Convincely, we're big on problem solving. As conversion rate optimization experts and data scientists, we realized that the biggest challenge for marketing teams and product managers is trying to integrate all the different platforms. Poor integration meant poor campaign results and clunky customer experiences.

We designed our platform to seamlessly integrate everything, offering the world's first true all-in-one solution - from advertising and sales funnels to testing, analytics, and reporting.

As a result, our users get deeper business intelligence, better customer experiences, and cutting edge marketing methods (like personalization and gaming-inspired design) that get the best results.

We're based in Melbourne, with team members (and customers) located all around the globe.

Since we launched in 2014, some of the world's biggest and most recognised brands have used Convincely to help optimize their customer journeys.

But some of our proudest moments have been helping smaller enterprises get BIG results and achieve their goals. Over the last 5 years, we've seen all our users get between 15%-300% uplift just by implementing our testing and optimization framework.

We help ambitious marketing and product teams kick their goals

Marketing and product teams face significant challenges in 2019 (and beyond).

Despite more data and technology than ever, it's still impossible to optimize and rationalize marketing budgets in real time. Marketers often have great tactical ideas and clever creative, but struggle to implement because they lack the operational processes, time, resources, or insights to back it up. Which leaves most brands stuck at 2% conversion rates (and sometimes even lower).

At the same time, customers demand better, more personalized experiences from your marketing. They want tailored advice on products and education to help them understand your services. If you don't have the development resources to create this kind of experience, your customers will click away and find a competitor who does.

The solution? Integrating your platforms to optimize and personalize your whole customer journey, from the very first impression.

We help you understand the numbers so you know exactly how much you're paying to get leads and make sales, and what campaigns are your most profitable. That way, you can get the most out of your advertising. With templates, custom designs, copy, and insights, Convincely is an all-in-one solution to creating those best-in-market customer experiences. And with ongoing testing and optimization, they get better all the time.

That means your teams can focus their attention on driving the strategy and bringing in new prospects with top-notch creative. You can leave our data scientists and conversion rate optimization specialists to do the rest, with data-driven customer experiences that create loyal, repeat customers.

With Convincely, even the most ambitious teams kick their goals to grow faster and smarter than their competitors.

Our vision

Fully integrated platforms

We're excited about a world where all marketing platforms fit together smoothly to better reflect the front-end experience and customer journey, from beginning to end.

Data-driven marketing

As data scientists, we believe that every strategic decision in business and marketing should be backed by real data, not guesswork.

Thoughtful online experiences

We want to see more brands take the time to create beautiful, intuitive, and engaging online customer experiences.

Founder & CEO

Pratik Doshi

Pratik has held a number of senior marketing roles, with key focuses including ecommerce, SEM strategy, UX strategy, data analytics, and conversion rate optimization. In early 2014, he founded Ebex and quickly built a team of designers and developers specializing in conversion optimization.

Pratik soon found that most brands lacked the infrastructure needed to make the most of data across all their marketing platforms and channels. This locked up critical insights his team needed to properly optimize the customer journey. And so, Pratik worked with his team of data scientists and UX design geeks to create the Convincely platform and framework. Early testing proved the concept with significant uplifts for all beta clients, and so Convincely was rolled out as a standalone brand and platform.

Today, Pratik works directly with each team to drive the vision and ensure every customer gets fully integrated platforms, data-driven marketing, and thoughtful online experiences.

Our teams

Dale Hellyer

Performance Management Team
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Dale Hellyer

Performance Management Team
  • Is into watching sports (especially footy and basketball)
  • Enjoys reading business books and bingeing TV shows
  • Is excited to be part of changing the media buying game with Convincely!

Dale joined Convincely in 2018 to head up the Performance Management Team. He was really excited by the platform because he could see that it would be a game changer (and secret weapon) for businesses in the paid media landscape.

Dale and his team work with clients who have huge performance demands. They work to maximize value from paid advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads), working closely with the UX and Development teams to come up with new funnel improvements to deploy and A/B test. All with the goal of minimizing CPAs (cost per acquisition) while delivering more, better quality leads.

Greg Fiske

User Experience Design Team
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Greg Fiske

User Experience Design Team
  • Enjoys gaming, tech and making things
  • Loves running around after his two kids
  • Is proud of significantly improving conversion rates for clients

Greg heads up our User Experience Design Team here at Convincely. He joined in 2017 after more than a decade working in advertising. Greg wanted to work with a team that focused on helping clients, not just winning agency awards.

The UX Design Team is responsible for designing experiences that engage and educate users, while encouraging them to share their details or complete the sale. They collaborate across all teams, but especially the Experience Design Team.

Key focus areas for producing designs that work include accessibility, gamification, prototyping, and testing.

Gregory Yong

Experience Design Team
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Gregory Yong

Experience Design Team
  • Plays and coaches volleyball and goes snowboarding
  • Enjoys cooking, going for drives, gaming, and watching movies
  • Is excited by continual improvement from ongoing optimizations

With 10+ years experience in CX & UX design, user research, CRO, digital marketing, and more, Gregory came well-equipped when he joined Convincely in 2015. He was especially keen to help build a product based on best practices and his own experience and design theories.

Gregory is the head of our Experience Design Team. This team is responsible for research, solution design, interaction design, and finished art - both for in-house products and clients' customer journeys. They also design optimization tests, track performance through data, and provide reports. The Experience Design Team collaborates directly with client's in-house teams as well as our internal Performance Management Team, Developers, and Data Scientists.

Focus areas include mobile-first design, AAA accessibility, game-inspired design theory, plus UX, interaction, and animation design best practices.

Van Nguyen

Product Team
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Van Nguyen

Product Team
  • Enjoys researching new technologies
  • Loves good food and Netflix
  • Is stoked by some of the recent sales funnels he's worked on

Van joined Convincely in 2017 to help the company grow and advance in technology and processes. He leads our Product Team.

The Product Team is responsible for building products that uplift conversion rates for clients. Sometimes this means customizing templates, while other times it involves creating something new from the ground up. 

They collaborate with Designers, Business Analysts, and Quality Assurance Analysts to ensure they build products that meet users' needs. 

The Product Team are careful to write clean, elegant, efficient, and maintainable code. And they're always looking for new ways to improve page speed and overall performance of applications, while avoiding potential bugs.

Jose Arroyo

Engineering Team
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Jose Arroyo

Engineering Team
  • Enjoys long distance running (finished the 2019 Melbourne Marathon)
  • Loves quality time with his daughter and friends
  • AWS Certified Developer

Jose has nearly a decade of experience working as a Software Engineer and has produced high quality software and web applications for large organizations in some pretty demanding environments.

He joined Convincely midway through 2019 because he was impressed with the product and team behind it, and he wanted the opportunity to grow professionally alongside some of the industry's most successful professionals.

Leading the Engineering Team at Convincely, Jose is responsible for managing technical solutions for clients, as well as upgrades to the Convincely platform. The Engineering Team works closely with the Design, Implementation, Product, and Technical Teams.

Steven Mitchell

Business Analysis Team
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Steven Mitchell

Business Analysis Team
  • Loves to cook things and collect wine
  • Enjoys time with family
  • Is an avid reader

Steven joined Convincely in 2018 to head up the BA Team. With over 20 years in the IT industry and a background in infrastructure, security, and software and app development, Steven is highly experienced in developing solutions that meet an audience's needs.

The BA Team is responsible for working with customers to understand their technical and business needs, and help them improve their lead conversions. They translate this into clear specifications for development work, then manage the delivery process, while reporting on progress to clients. 

Steven collaborates with the Performance Management Team, Designers, Developers, and Data Analysts, using a range of project management tools, communication tools, and wireframing software.

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